4 Quick Tips for clients -wedding ceremony logistics

Here are a few small details to consider while planning your wedding ceremony music. 

We recommend having your wedding ceremony selections decided/submitted to the musician(s) no later than 2 weeks preferably 4 weeks prior to the wedding. If there are selections that need to be arranged or scores ordered this will give the musician time to prepare. 

2.Have a back up plan for rain

Understandably clients want to have outdoor ceremonies but there should be a plan for rain. Sometimes the decision to hold the wedding inside or outside is made at the last second. If so, the musicians have expensive equipment,instruments and music stands that need to be moved. If possible it is super helpful to assign a friend to help the musician(s)  relocate should inclement weather pop up. 

3. Music selections- How many should I use for the ceremony before the processional?  

If your wedding party is limited/small (bridesmaids and groomsmen and others that are entering formally to the ceremony) consider using the less is more approach. Most selections, modern tunes or traditional classical selections take a certain amount of time for the melody or theme to develop. If you try to set music to each entrance the music won't flow as too many starts and stops would happen. It is perfectly fine to set one piece of music to several parts of the entrances prior the processional. Example: Parents bridesmaids and groomsmen would in this case all enter to one selection rather than three. The spacing of the entrances and the distance they are required to walk effect this decision as well. 

5. Be careful with lav microphones for outdoor wedding ceremonies

Lav microphones can be particularly loud if you are having an outdoor wedding. The wind is amplified and makes quite a bit of noise. In these circumstances I prefer a wireless microphone on a stand. Yes it isn't as nice or clean looking but the guests will hear the officiant much better. Classical Guitar Ceremonies Inc uses both hand held microphones and lav pin on microphones, but we try to determine which to use based on environmental variables. There are ways to shield the lav with pieces of foam (some lavs come with that) to block the wind against the microphone.